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I have to agree with Lil_ChiO_Lady, It isn't a negative. In fact, it can be much better if you DON'T have a "history" with girls from your HS. When you walk into a chapter that has even a FEW girls you know, it doesn't always turn out as you might hope. Old rivalries, stereotypes, or something as minute as a single moment in time that you "weren't at your best" can pop into the memory of active members. Last year, some of the girls that shared activities with active members were cut right off the bat-legacy or not. It could be traced back to competition in HS. In some of the cases, the girls expected it. Here it is, a year later and a couple of the Moms are STILL upset over the outcome and the PERCEIVED reasons behind the "snub". If you had a glowing reputaton and "everybody just LOVED you", of course it can help.
The most beneficial relationships seemed to be those where families were socially intertwined and the younger girls were friends of a respected active member. This leaves a lot of room for all the great girls that let their personality and CONFIDENCE shine though during rush.
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