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Originally Posted by PhoenixAzul View Post
Again, us locals do things a bit different.

As a pledge, we were just told to dress "as befits the occasion", which we all kind of interpreted as dress clothes. I wore a pair of (ugly and probably ill fitting) trousers and a button down shirt. Looking back on it I wish I would have dressed up.

As an active, it was dressing in our colors. I always had a dress/shirt combo but found a perfect dress in the last few months of my senior year that I wore to my alumni initiation.
Ditto. My local sorority doesn't give any specifications.

We were told to wear something nice and meet in the student center before being whisked away to the site of the initiation. There were only four people in my pledge class, but our definitions of "nice" varied considerably: I wore an old prom dress, another wore her Sunday best, another wore traditional Pakistani formal wear, and the last wore an outfit suitable for a trendy nightclub. An eclectic mix to be sure, but it worked out perfectly for our ceremony. The active members also wear whatever- no need for specific colors, cuts, etc. Just looking nice is the key.
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