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The way the question is phrased "what were you told to wear to initiation?" doesn't give much away - maybe they put you in sequined hose, red-and-white bikinis and cowboy hats (like we do) when you arrive at your chapter room, but what you actually are told to show up in is going to be obvious to anyone on campus.

I owned an absolutely hideous cream-colored polyester dress to go to rituals, and hideous white shoes. As 33girl mentioned, pantyhouse were also de rigueur at the time. Yuck. Nothing was said about make up and hair.

I was fairly horrified to see post-ritual pictures posted by my chapter on their website several years ago where one of the girls was wearing skin-tight white pants with a skin-tight white belly shirt. It was so indescribably awful that I wish I still had it available.
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