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Originally Posted by scrapcat View Post
I like that terminology.. backup. That's exactly how everyone should see it including my daughter.

But really what are the odds of getting your first choice house?
That depends on whether the question is "first choice from the very beginning" or "first choice of what's left after the cuts." I'm going to guess that by Preference, the three houses left for the majority of PNMs will not be their top three favorites from Open House.

If you are asking "first choice in the Preference Round," well, U of I prints those statistics. For 2010, 1,258 NPMs attended Open House rounds. Of those, 908 NPMs completed recruitment as follows: 746 received their 1st choice, 129 received their 2nd choice, and 33 received their 3rd choice. Two NPMs were released by all chapters, and 360 chose to withdraw (25%!).
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