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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
That's a little harsh. If you've had your heart set on one thing and end up with another, no matter how much of an open mind you've kept, it can be devastating. Especially if the bid reveal was done in the open in front of the entire campus. At least if it's in private you can have time to get your feelings out, but if you have NO private time, I can see where it would be harder to get a hold of yourself.

Any groups whose school still reveals bids in this horrid fashion should probably appoint a DPW (Disappointed Pledge Wrangler) whose sole job is to take disappointed NMs aside and let them vent it all out.
It certainly wouldn't hurt to have a DPW mainly to keep the weepy from contaminating the rest of the pledge class.

But I think girls should be coached by their recruitment counselors in advance not to act this way. At some point, and I know it goes against the whole grain of only putting things in the best possible light that many campuses do, PNMs should be told that to remember that they may get the 2nd and 3rd choices they put down on their bid cards and that they should be prepared to suck up their disappointment and try to have a good time at bid day anyway.
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