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Originally Posted by DubaiSis View Post
And by the way, what a buzz kill. This is how you want to make friends? Being the whiny drama queen? It's one thing to take a moment and be sad but to hang crepe all day? What did she think was going to happen, that the sorority was going to apologize to her?
That's a little harsh. If you've had your heart set on one thing and end up with another, no matter how much of an open mind you've kept, it can be devastating. Especially if the bid reveal was done in the open in front of the entire campus. At least if it's in private you can have time to get your feelings out, but if you have NO private time, I can see where it would be harder to get a hold of yourself.

Any groups whose school still reveals bids in this horrid fashion should probably appoint a DPW (Disappointed Pledge Wrangler) whose sole job is to take disappointed NMs aside and let them vent it all out.
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