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I feel I can say what we wore since the Phi Mu Alpha guys got to see us moving about the music building (no houses for sororities in upper state SC). Some of them were apparently there just to see this. As in, they were waiting in the hallways.

Anyways... All white. Dress, slacks, skirts, bathing suit coverup dress things. No specification on formality, but we took it to be an event to look nice for as a class. No make-up. No nail polish. No jewelry other than the MIT pin. Pure white shoes, white socks, or no shoes at all (your choice). Most of us went for no shoes. They collected the shoes we walked over in and any jewelry (including simple studs) before we were allowed to begin. We were warned by random sisters the week prior to our ceremony as to what to wear.

When I explained to my mom that I was looking for a white skirt, she asked why. Apparently she got to wear a mix of the sorority colors for her AOII initiation... all those years ago.
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