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Originally Posted by AlwaysSAI View Post
Sometimes, chapters add their own nuances, I think. For example, my initiating chapter also told the girls to wear no make-up and do very little to their hair, but upon reading the new Alpha Experience materials, I found out that initiates can wear make-up and do their hair!......Running off to look at the Alpha Experience again.
That is probably the biggest Initiation myth we have. Makeup is fine.. the idea is for women to look their best on a special day Heels are not a requirement so that was clearly a chapter nuance. Maybe they had issues with women trying to get by with flip flops so they made it "heels".

Originally Posted by violetpretty View Post
Wow, I am amazed that so many other sororities (and apparently a chapter of my own) are not allowed to wear makeup. Never occured to me that it wouldn't be allowed. Hell, I'd prefer if more members DID wear it...because that means they took some time to look nice before Initiation instead of rolling out of bed hungover...

Participants (initiates plus those with a part in the ceremony) are to wear pure all white dress and shoes, and the only jewelry that is permitted is pearl jewelry plus engagement/wedding rings if applicable. All others have the option of a top and skirt, and other minimal, simple jewelry. Specific color of underwear isn't mentioned, but it is not supposed to be showing, so I guess it is implied that it should match your skin. Hose are not required, though we do allow nude hose. Almost no one wears them and I can't recall a time where I saw someone in my chapter wear white hose. We don't police nail color.
White hose were bigger in the 90s, I think. I'm not even sure they still sell them!

Originally Posted by NutBrnHair View Post
I feel a tad bit guilty because I so enjoy reading the information on this thread, but do not feel comfortable sharing information. Am I the only one who feels this way?
No need to feel guilty. If you're not supposed to discuss it, then don't. This is not secret information for some of us.

As my sisters above noted.. white dress (below the knee), with shoulders covered and white shoes. Jewelry is not worn but makeup can be.
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