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Originally Posted by KillarneyRose View Post
I completely understand, NutBrnHair. That's why I put that disclaimer in the first post. I figure whomever feels they can share will do so but no one should feel uncomfortable!

Believe me, I didn't post anything a random person standing in front of a DZ house wouldn't be able to tell ya
Likewise (with the obvious substitution of AEPhi).

Several years ago, AEPhi colonized at Brandeis University, and I was invited to the colonization (I wasn't able to make it, unfortunately). Brandeis does not recognize greek life, so we were specifically instructed NOT to wear white, but instead to wear normal street clothes and bring a white outfit to change into. We were also asked to bring, but not wear, our badges.

The chapter was never chartered, but there are chapters of SDT and DPhiE, as well as ZBT and a couple of other fraternities.
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