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Initiation Clothing

Disclaimer: I am not asking anyone to tell their organization's secrets. The answer to my question is one that could be answered by a non-initiated member.

When your organization told you to show up for initiation, what were you told to wear? What made me think of this question is a post AUAZD2001 made in the Polyvore Meets Panhellenic thread where she showed a (really snazzy) sample initiation outfit complete with accessories and makeup. My first thought was, "Other people are allowed to wear makeup for initiation???"

We were told to wear all white. This included the soles of our shoes and any stitching or buttons! No level of formality was stipulated; dress, skirt, pants, whatever...just so it was all white. Our faces were to be free of makeup and no jewelry was allowed except for engagement rings and wedding rings.

Anyone else?
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