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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
But I think it needs to be explained to PNMs much better. I think Panhellenics may be too afraid that it looks like just the sororities are cutting, so it's phrased in a way that makes it sound more mutual. Unfortunately, it's leading to a ton of misunderstandings and bad feelings.

I think they try too hard to make it seem like the selection is up to the PNMs, so as not to scare them into reconsidering what they've gotten themselves into.

Yeah, selection is mutual, but I feel like it is tilted in the direction of the chapters. More of a PNM's recruitment experience is up to the chapters than Panhellenics like to admit (because they don't want to make the process seem so intimidating.)

I mean, you are ranking, but the chapters are inviting/not inviting. They have most of the control. The only exception to this is preference where the final decision seems to be equally up to the PNM and chapter's choices.

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