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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
I'd like to stick in here what was mentioned in another thread, that sometimes women are calling home, venting to their moms, but really, they ARE okay. They are disappointed, but they might be coping way better than you assume. So while mom is going "OMG my daughter is depressed and can't stop crying and her life is falling apart." because that's what you're hearing, when in reality, she may get off the phone, dry her eyes and go hang out with some friends she made on her floor or something. She may not be the puddle of sad you think.
I think another thing to realize is that, even at big Greek schools, Greeks are rarely the majority of the student body. So, while you may picture your daughter sitting in her dorm room while every other woman is busy with her new chapter, that just isn't the case at very many places. It is much more likely that you could walk through that dorm and see the vast majority of students chilling out during bid day.
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