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Originally Posted by KSUViolet06 View Post
I think that's where open mindedness comes in. At the vast majority of schools, you really can have a GREAT experience in any chapter. If you're a PNM from out-of-state, or you're a transfer, or you just don't know many greeks, you can't go in only focusing on a handful. Really, no one should, but it's double important for the PNMs we're describing.
Well, and here's the BIG problem with Suzie with the 4.0 and the utopian, merit-based line of thinking...

Suzie with the 4.0 who thinks it's a meritocracy & should get whatever she wants because she's the epitome of "perfect-ness" (grades/recs/cute/extras). She's ALWAYS gotten what she wants because of her perfect-ness. Life, up & to this point HAS pretty much been a meritocracy. Top softball player? On the varsity squad. Smartest person in the room? Valedictorian. Most beautiful? Homecoming queen (ok, not everywhere, but maybe "Most Beautiful" in the yearbook?). You get the idea.

This is their first time faced with something that they can't obtain just by being "the best".

ETA: I re-read & I'm using a little hyperbole here, I know.

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