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Absolutely, and it's not just SEC schools, either.

I've dealt with quite a few smaller schools where I think the networking aspect is just as important. Especially with deferred recruitment.

Smaller School Deferred Recruitment Example:

ABC has had ALL FALL SEMESTER to interact with PNMs.

Let's say the chapter has 50 women in it.

By the time recruitment rolls around, each of them has 2 PNMs that they've known all fall (and some longer if they're sophs and junior PNMs.)

That's 100 women already coming back. If they can only extend say, 130 invites, you've got 30 spots for "new" PNMs they've never seen. That's not a lot.

The women who get involved during fall semester, meet sorority women (through hall activities, work on campus, other clubs, sports) and form relationships have the advantage in spring.

Suzie who never really left her dorm first semester, but has a 4.0, might get passed over for Polly PNM who is in band with a ton of ABC and spent all fall hanging out with them, but has a 3.3.
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