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When I first moved to Mississippi for grad school, I noticed that all these PNMs from different towns seemed to know each other. I finally asked about it and the Greek Director told me all the ways that they would indeed have gotten to know each, visiting out-of-town relatives, cheer and dance workshops--the list went on and on.

Now I watch my husband's cousin's 10-year-old in Alabama and she's already doing that. By the pictures they send, I can tell that at that age, she's already creating networks various ways and I bet I can already predict the 3 sororities she's most likely to pledge if she goes to Auburn.

What can you do to meet Greeks ahead of time if you're not from in-state? Orientation is helpful to a point but also summer jobs (maybe at camps?) where you're likely to meet other university students can work; summer school is a huge help.
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