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Originally Posted by carnation View Post
Sticking this because it really explains a lot--
Glad others find it helpful. There's so much good advice that has been given on Greek Chat, but I just felt bad, seeing so many moms and PNMs come here thinking that their beautiful daughters/they were walking on to a level playing field. That just is not the case at many Southern schools, especially flagship state schools. Of course I hope this doesn't discourage girls without these connections from going through recruitment. I also know that this isn't going to help moms who then ask, "Okay, then what is it that helps "outsiders" navigate recruitment successfully?" Besides telling them that their daughters need to be absolutely outstanding to edge out all the known quantities going through recruitment, there's not much we can say. If your daughter can network gracefully (note the emphasis), then she should do so - it's a great life skill to have.
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