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I've been hemming and hawing over posting in this thread for a few days now. I finally decided to just do it.

Most long time GCers know my story (or I would assume they do). If you don't know it--do a search for all the threads I've started and you'll know which one to pick.

Needless to say, I didn't get into my first choice sorority. But, I did get into SAI. SAI was not an organization I considered until the spring of my sophomore year and I considered her only because I was (or thought I was) simply out of options for greek life. I accepted my bid because being a part of any sorority, to me, was better than being a part of none. My first year as an SAI was difficult. I didn't feel accepted or loved by my sisters. Once pledging was over, it seemed like no one cared about little old me. I ran for office and was elected. It was my time as an officer (I ended up serving in three positions for two years), is what really cemented my love for SAI. I took a little who I bonded with tremendously and she helped me see that I can't just wait for relationships to start--they must be nurtured. As I worked for SAI with SAIs, I formed friendships with my sisters that enhanced my collegiate experience as a member.

Now, as an alumnae member continuing to work with other SAIs, I have found women that I can rely on consistently. The SAIs from my alumnae group have become my closest friends. I can call any of them for lunch or just to chat. And, I, in fact, did both to two different sisters just last week.

Did I jump for joy when I received my SAI bid? YES.
Did I know then, how much it's sisterhood would come to mean to me? NO.
Did I know that my chapter would go on to call me the most gung-ho SAI they'd ever had? NO.
Did I have any idea that I would go on to [almost] charter an alumnae chapter and serve on a National Committee? NO.

And, as far as Alpha Gam is concerned (and I hate to be cliche)--it's not something I became, it's something I've always been.

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