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To add a personal note: When I went through rush (yes rush, back in the day it was RUSH) I had the most amazing conversation with two different girls at two different houses. Dropped...(ok, one house kept me for the second round...unheard of for a Jewish girl back then) Thud........I was horrified. I was upset and horrified (when I realized why I wasn't invited back for a few minutes.

I joined my sorority. Did I "know"? Did I have the "feeling" Was it a "fit"? Not a clue. As a just turned sixteen year old, how could I know? forward......LOTS of years. Some of my best friends are my sisters. Not all....some. I'm going to a wedding in a few weeks.......six sorority sisters (and spouses), their children (very adult)........Did I know this when I opened my envelope?

No. Wouldn't have called this one. But boy, am I glad I opened my envelope and my heart.
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