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  • I'm rushing at an SEC school. Will I get into a house?
My crystal ball says yes. err, no. err, try again later.
Again, we CANNOT tell you how it's going to turn out EVEN if you give us your whole life story and promise us you're cute as a button. Chances are if you have the grades and the credentials you will find a home SOMEWHERE, but that somewhere may not be the chapter you had your hopes set on. And that is a CHANCES ARE, not a guarantee.
  • I'm going through rush now and I was cut by all but the 3 worst houses. Should I drop out?
Again, my magic 8 ball says yes, err no, errrr still unclear.
This is part of being a grown up. Sometimes you have to make choices you don't want to make that will affect your future for a long time to come. The reason we tell you so often to go ahead and pledge is because once the pressure of rush is off, and you see the sorority women in the unvarnished light of day, your opinion of them will likely change for the better. But hey, it's your life, and there are great outcomes that can occur by dropping out. I just wouldn't expect it.
  • I can't decide if I should go through recruitment because (and you can fill in the blank... I'm not like those girls, I have a tough major and I'm going to be too busy, I'm a lesbian, I'm thinking about transferring to unknown school at unknown time in the future). Should I?
Magic 8 ball says - It is certain, Better not tell you now, my sources say no
We can't answer this one for you either. My suggestion is go through rush and see what you think. It costs you very little money and time to find out if it's the right thing for you. And in regards to my example questions:

Assuming that your major is harder than anyone else's is pretty shaky ground. Sorority women are smart cookies and to assume they're all fill in the blank easy major is going to get you in trouble. It's all about time management.

There is no like those girls. Sorority women are a mixed bag. There may be chapters on your campus that are oddly homogenous, but if you don't fit it in with them, there's another chapter that will be a better fit. Or not, and you'll know that by having gone through rush.

Lots of people entering college think about transferring as an option down the road. I wanted to go to a far away school and my parents told me they wouldn't pay for that until I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Once I got into my sorority and settled in school, I couldn't imagine giving all that up. But many students do, and it works out just fine. Que sera sera.

As far as sexuality, my perception is that is not the hot button issue it once was. But just as your choice to accept who you are and come out of the closet (or not) was your decision, whether or not you decide to out yourself in a recruitment environment or to your sisters at some later point is your decision. My standard answer is you don't have to tell your whole life story, but don't lie either. You want to share as much about yourself as you are comfortable with.

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