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Something else that keeps coming up - is that if you have a connection to the house or know someone in house that really helps a lot. That is one of the reasons why out of state girls are at a bit of a disadvantage in the the super-competitive schools even if they are Miss Wonderful with a 4.0 and rec letters. It is also why a sophomore transfer student with ok grades can still get a bid to an "Old Row" chapter.
We have a couple of chapters here that have so many legacies going through that not surprisingly their pledge class is mostly freshmen legacies - but really - would you want to be the one girl who isn't a legacy in that case? The one girl who doesn't have a mom or older sister there on Bid Day or Initiation Day?
Also - with the new computer systems I have noticed that we have big cuts in the early rounds - this is so we don't have big cuts pref night. If you do get cut from several houses early on - please don't get discouraged. I guess what I am trying to say is don't be mad at the whole system because one group you liked liked someone else more or knew her better? The ladies that did invite you back would love to see you!
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