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Originally Posted by AZ-AlphaXi View Post
The way bid matching is supposed to work is that once you make it onto a chapter's first bid list you stay there until you either match to them or you get bid somewhere else. If a PNM puts DEF second but she's on their first bid list she'll stay on their first bid list and match to DEF once ABC, which she put first, reaches quota before reaching her name. Putting a chapter second doesn't lessen your chances of matching. If you are on their first bid list you stay there. A PNM gets "cross-cut" when she's so far down on both (all) chapter's bid lists that both (all) reach quota before ever getting to her.

Someone once explained the first bid list as a box. Once you get put in the box you don't get out of the box until you match somewhere.
You're saying that she would indeed match to DEF, right? I had a situation in my head where that wasn't the case, but it would be the very rare exception, I think.

Does computer matching use the exact same logic as hand matching? Or is it optimizing the number of matches overall?
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