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thanks blondie93. this is a great thread.

pnms, if you feel that you are shy, or for any reason need to hone your conversation skills, summer is just starting, so there is ample time to practice. Buying some groceries?strike up a conversation with the clerk as you check out. Borrowing a book from the library? practice your convo. skills on the librarian.

a HUGE opportunity for honing those skills will be at your college orientation. you will be meeting new people from all over the country and from overseas, too. often they don't know you (and you may not see them again after your orientation, depending on the size of school you are going to) so you can practice, practice, practice. try not to hang out exclusively with old friends if they will be attending your orientation. branch out. and think about it-if you get to know some really interesting student from abu dabi, there is one more topic of conversation during recruitment!
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