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Although my school's rush isn't competetive AT ALL (we only have 3 NPC sorors) and half of the people on our campus don't care if we exist or not and most people outside the greek system don't even know the reps of any group...I have to say I'm one of those girls who ended up where I belong.... and it was quite a road for me to get there... I know in a larger system that is very hard for EVERYONE to say... however I think if a lot of people that think they "belonged" in "top tier" sororities really thought about why they wanted to belong it may be for the wrong reasons. I believe what truly makes a woman "fit" in a sorority is personality... not their stats on a piece of paper. I mean of course what they've done before rush and their GPA can say something about a PNM, but I'm just trying to say that just because someone is beautiful, has a 4.0, discovered the cure for aids when she was 12, figured out a way to end world hunger, and cleans up the highway in her spare time doesn't mean she should assume she belongs in a "top tier" sorority.
That point aside, and getting back to the point it seems to me(PURELY MY OPINION) some of these "top tier sec sororities" are picking girls for the wrongs reasons... and that seems to be more the problem than us here at GC telling us they will end up where they belong...
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