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ill bite, and add my two cents!

as some of you might know, i rushed at IU this past...fall/winter. whatever. i dropped out after the first round, disappointed in the houses that had asked me back. then i participated in COB, and was only asked by one of the houses that i didnt return to during formal rush. now i went to this house, and while they were nice, i knew it wasnt for me. now many people on here understood my point of view, others were disappointed i did not keep going during formal. now the opportunity is somewhat arisen that i am one of the girls that is helping attempt to bring tri sigma back to IU. i couldnt be happier (though if it doesnt work out...i might be just a TAD upset!) and i realize that this was meant to be for me. i knew when i dropped out of COB that it wasnt the end of my greek opportunity.

now im sure there are plenty of circumstances where people dont not end up in the houses they were "meant to be in" or what not, but i think for the most part, it all works out the way its supposed to, and it all happens for a reason. hope you all enjoyed my story!

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