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Originally Posted by carnation View Post
I think what's hardest about that is if you find out that she didn't have anything special going for her except 1 or 2 vocal members from her hometown pulling for her. And maybe you're a legacy and would've cherished those letters she's flaunting...and your grades are higher and you had a great resume..and you both went to prefs but not all NPCs require that legacies be on the first bid list.

(I have heard this very story at least 3 times in the last 10 years from fabulous girls.)
I know this might not be as much of a deal in a larger chapter, but what if the girls who are "pulling for her" - as well liked as they may be - graduate, transfer or for some reason are no longer in the equation? I would certainly hope that sorority members are not so stupid as to vote for a girl just because Peggy Popular loves her. (Oh shit, wait, we were. Never mind. )

In all seriousness, if the girl turns out to be a good member who everyone likes, yeah, that sucks for the legacy, but maybe the other girl ultimately fit into the chapter better. I kind of doubt that people would destroy every bit of social currency they had pushing for a girl they knew wasn't a good fit. If you're a legacy and just hanging on by the skin of your teeth by pref, instead of feeling confident, maybe that just isn't the place for you.
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