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Originally Posted by Gatorbaby View Post
Great advice! Though I'm still a NM myself, I have something else to add:
Rush didn't go fantastically for me. Maybe it was my hair, maybe it was my make-up (or lack thereof - I am an advocate of a very natural look), maybe it was my conversational skills. Heck if I know, and heck if it matters.
Houses keep you if they think you'd fit in. These ladies know. Take Rush with a grain of salt. It isn't a reflection on you, your personality, or your intelligence. It's speed dating to the maximum which, apparently, I'm not fantastic at. Anyhow, I adore the house that I picked (and who picked me!), so things really did (and do) work out for the best. I'm still settling in, but have found some remarkable women in my chapter that I can look up to and who have been kind enough to befriend and mentor me.
Anyhow, I did get my top choice, we are a top house on campus, and I have met some good friends in my PC as well! I am very proud to represent this organization as a newly-initiated sister!
Was that supposed to make a disappointed new member feel better?
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