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Originally Posted by AXOrushadvisor View Post
I ran across this statistic today looking for something else on our recent recruitment. I thought it might be worth sharing in this thread.

Number of PNMs Receiving
1st Choice 587
2nd Choice 56

The thing that I find fascinating while I read recruitment stories is that most of the time when women don't get their 1st choice I go back and read what they said about their 2nd choice. There are usually very positive things said about their second choice and the Chapter is usually ranked top 5 going into Preference. So maybe they are not their "real" second choice because that group that they ranked as "2" didn't invite them back so they are 3, 4 or 5 in their ranking. I think that these young women get so caught up in only wanting to be in their number one choice coupled with the fact that they don't think they will ever get their second or third choice (sort of the "this wont happen to me") that they have a hard time getting past the disappointment.
What school are you at?

At my school, women preffed at 3 house, and I think it was more like 60% getting their first choice, 30% getting second choice, and 10% getting third choice.
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