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Originally Posted by DubaiSis View Post
You have excellent taste! These were my favorites too. And the Xi problem (although making me laugh from the phrasing) does make the letters more of a challenge. But again I ask, what are these made of? ESPECIALLY the A Chi O letters. They look like they're styrofoam, but so professional looking. I notice in some pictures the girls are holding their letters up with one hand, so not wood. I'm perplexed and it makes my head hurt!...
Hee know what I meant, but I guess it doesn't sound so positive!

I wish I had a picture of the foam letters I made for our windows in the dorm when I was a collegian. I wouldn't recommend using them for this purpose (Bid Day) since a stiff wind would crack them in half. They were really cute, though, since I made them with a panda bear over each letter. The pandas were holding hearts, and each one was different. The letters were massive and completely filled the windows of our dorm rooms, so the entire bottom floor of the sorority dorm screamed "AOII!" Of course, we later found out that the foam (used as building insulation) was flammable...oops!


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