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Originally Posted by Alumiyum View Post
Hahahaha. I have a picture of my pledge class during our first preference as actives. That year three or four girls were in shows on campus and were in rehearsal so much that they were missing the least crucial parts of work week and somehow they never got their outfits checked. Coincidentally they all had huge boobs and were short, so they're standing in the front row of the picture in the hands on knees sorority pose and your eyes go straight to BOOBS.

On another note I went back and put together recruitment outfits that I could actually afford:

All of the dresses except the preference dress are from Modcloth, and most of the jewelry is Forever21/Charlotte Russe/Old Navy (I own a bunch of it already). This is how I would actually shop...I'd be picking shoes and accessories that could go with many different outfits and dresses that I could wear day to day (and the pref dress would be great for a semi-formal).

PS-For PNM's wanting to see how sorority women dress on their particular campus, one easy way to find out is to dig up chapters' websites. Look at the photos and see what the actives are wearing (though make sure the site is up to date...sometimes they're a few years old).

Cute! Having a daughter that has always been tall we have not had the luxury of buying cheap things ever. She is XS tiny on top, but wears a 29 in a jean plus has legs that go from here to there. You don't even want to know what I go through for a Homecoming dress. Sometimes it gets so frustrating that I would spend whatever just to get a dress that fits her (we have finally figured out she fits better in womens clothing not juniors minus the bust). The point of this post is that we have decided there are things that we can buy cheap most of the time and other things that we just have to spend money on. On top of that her feet are not tiny and she is very self conscious of "whether her feet look big in these shoes" We have been able to pick through forever 21 and find some fabulous things that do not look cheap, but look like they came form some where else. My advice to any one going through recruitment or buying anything for an event; if you think you'll wear it over and over and it has classic lines go for it. To buy something trendy and shell out the big bucks not worth it in my opinion and the outfits you picked out are cute and trendy, although, I would not be polishing my nails a different color every day
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