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Originally Posted by Alumiyum View Post
It wouldn't in mine either. Of course I'm 5'4" and boobless, so hey, I might be able to pull it off. (And by the way, I'm desperately jealous of your daughter and her height.) But momma always said that cleavage, if you MUST show it, is for after dark. I always tell the PNM's they have to remember they're trying to meet other girls, not guys.

As a short girl, though, I gotta say I love sky high heels.
This made me laugh because even at 5' 11" my daughter likes to rock the 4 inch heels! I told her I hope she finds herself a tall man.

Just as a side note around 15 years ago I had to send my recruitment chair home to change the dress she had on. I guess her and the president didn't give each other dress checks and she was all boobs literally falling over the top of the dress. She was SO mad at me and wouldn't speak to me the rest of recruitment.
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