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Maryland has formal recruitment in January-February.
[Nice] Jeans are definitely acceptable and common during round 1.

Round 2 really runs the gamut. PNMs will wear nice jeans, dress pants, skirts, casual dresses, etc.

All of the outfits up to this point, except the jeans in round 1, are interchangeable for the first three rounds. Round 3 is pretty varied, except there are far fewer PNMs wearing jeans.

I couldn't decide on the shoes or the dress or the earrings. Oh well, the collage looks pretty.

Obviously, I know where I am going.

What I actually wore in Spring 2004 (the first two rounds were combined due to snow):
Tours/Philanthropy, night 1: fuchsia 3/4 sleeve button-up shirt with black dress pants and black wedge boots
Tours/Philanthropy, night 2: black 3/4 sleeve wrap shirt with medium wash jeans and black wedge boots
Skit (8): bright indigo 3/4 sleeve button-up shirt with black dress pants and black wedge boots
Preference (3): 3/4 sleeve knee length print wrap dress in shades of blue, camel, red, ivory, and black with red mary jane heels

My actual outfits were mostly appropriate, just not very imaginative, which is really weird for me. I don't know why I didn't think about what to wear more. Wearing medium wash jeans for the 2nd night of Tours/Philanthropy was maybe not a good idea at the time, but more and more PNMs have been wearing jeans (though mostly dark) in recent years. It just made me wonder, since we visited 7 chapters each night; the first night I was invited back to 6 of 7 chapters, and the second night I was invited back to 2 of 7 chapters.
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