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OK, I decided to just go ahead and do it. Hope y'all enjoy!

I'll talk about the problems with each outfit--maybe it will serve as a caution to PNMs--and they can avoid the mistakes that some of us made (I personally did not wear animal print, or feathers, or ridiculous amounts of bling...but you never know!)

First we have Round One--Ice Water Teas/Open House (Casual)

Issues: Animal print. Too much of it! It's okay to be color-coordinated, but there is too much pink and black here, the rubber bracelets are pretty tacky, the shorts don't quite go with the rest of the outfit, and those heels? Not casual, or good for walking!

Round Two--House Tours (Casual)

Issues: Feathers. That skirt looks like a dead bird and is NOT recruitment appropriate. Paired with a tank top that is partly made of leather=not a good look at all. The shoes are cute...for a night out on the town! Not for a casual round of recruitment, or for lots and lots of walking. The necklace is nice, but paired with the big earrings and clunky shoes, it's too much gold and black and feels overdone.

Round Three--Skit/Philanthropy (Business Casual)

Issues: Business casual does not=business suit. Especially not one with unflattering horizontal stripes. The jewelry is classy, but it's a whole lot of diamonds and it ends up looking like an outfit for a day at the office.

Round Four--Preference (Cocktail)

Issues: Where to begin? The dress is too short, too sequined, and a strapless dress will need to be hiked up all night long unless it has some serious structure. Assuming the wearer is attending preference at more than one chapter, it is very unwise to wear the symbol of one sorority, even if "your heart is already set on it", because you risk making the other chapter think you're not interested in them. There is WAY too much sparkle in this outfit. The shoes are very high and the silver and diamonds will just make you look like some kind of glittery party favor.

Bid Day (Tank Tops and Jeans)

Issues: Destroyed+patched jeans are not classy, and are not going to look good or put-together in photographs. If you're spending the money for designer jeans, get some that don't look like they're falling apart! A tank top does NOT equal this cropped number with the huge bow--how are you supposed to layer a bid day jersey on top? The heavy gold jewelry is more suited for a night out than a bid day, and doesn't coordinate with the outfit.

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