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Originally Posted by prettygirlie View Post
how would you determine no warm fuzzies/ it just being not right for you?
Not to offend anyone but I feel as if this is slightly misleading advice, as in being in any sorority will be an end all fix for sisterhood and happiness. From what has been said on GC, all chapters totally have different personalities & interests. No matter what big decision you go through in life, it's so so important to trust your gut and your heart. If it's not right, don't try to fit a square peg in a round hole so to speak.

That being said, if you have good feelings for a 2nd choice too who knows! Try it out!

All in all, hopefully PMNs out there keep in mind what's best for them (be free thinkers!) and have honest intentions for pledging.

But what do I know (: I'm a PMN this year too. That's my little life philosophy and my approach to rush this year.

good luck to everyone rushing with me! it's gonna be so so exciting! (:
Even joining your favorite group won't guarantee that you'll feel immediate sisterhood. Everything takes time and work. If you end up in your 2nd or 3rd choice, it just may take more time. The interesting thing about recruitment is that you see such a tiny part of a chapter. It's generally a good idea to give them a little more time to try things out. Since there are usually lots of girls in the chapter you've never even met, odds are you'll meet several people that you'll feel a connection to when you finally meet everyone. The difference is with your favorite group, you met those girls first thing during recruitment. If you actually met everyone in that group, you'd probably find out you didn't like everyone in that group. It's what happens when you put any large group of women together.


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