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Originally Posted by als463 View Post
I just think it would be helpful to get ideas from members of those schools. For example, if I wanted to learn more about Kentucky recruitment, I would ask Sydney B. If I wanted to know about Florida State, I know I could ask FSUZeta. It just makes sense to know who might have more insider knowledge.
I'm allowed to say this cause I'm ancient.

Just because I went to XYZ U 20 years ago doesn't mean I necessarily know diddly about what goes on now. This was pointed up by the person's mom (possibly apocryphal) who told her to wait and rush her junior year at a SEC school, because heck, there was no problem for juniors to join when she went to school in the 70s. If we did this, I'm sure a person just like that would get hella annoyed that she wasn't the "go-to."

Older GCers I'm sure can think of some people who while they are very enthusiastic alums of their schools/Greek systems aren't the best to go to for "expert advice."
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