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Another Thread?

This is just a thought so anyone please feel free to shoot down the idea. It won't bother me. Since we have a thread about Schools where you need recs, would it be acceptable to maybe make a thread for PNMs about various schools (in one thread)?

(A.) School Name / (# of sororities on campus)
(B.) (need or don't need recs)
(C.) For specific information regarding recruitment, please refer to-
(1.) "Specific Current Members/ Alumnae" of Kentucky
(D.) # of Sororities on campus doing Rush (Fall)-possibly names
(E.) # of Sororities on campus doing Rush (Spring)-possibly names
(F.) Anything else of an important nature

We would put it in the same way we do the recruitment dates. I just think it would be helpful to get ideas from members of those schools. For example, if I wanted to learn more about Kentucky recruitment, I would ask Sydney B. If I wanted to know about Florida State, I know I could ask FSUZeta. It just makes sense to know who might have more insider knowledge. That way, people wouldn't be stepping on other people's toes with suggestions. I wouldn't think of giving advice for Ole Miss just as our Ole Miss members wouldn't feel comfortable handing out information about Penn State.

This is just a suggestion. Thoughts?

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