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My general rule of thumb:

If a school's Panhellenic website has a section dedicated to recs, or has list of addresses telling you where to send your recs, or mentions recs AT ALL--then you need to GET RECS.

If the rec section of their website says anything like "recs are suggested but not required, the chapters will get them for you" the translation is "you better get recs because everyone is going to have them and you have a good chance of being dropped like a bad habit if you don't have them."

You don' know how many girls I've encountered who were not as informed as others and when offered a rec from a family member or something say "oh the website said recs are optional."

If the site tells you not to worry and the chapters will get your recs, IGNORE IT and get them yourself anyway.

As with anything I say, feel free to disagree. lol.
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