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Originally Posted by w&lTX View Post
Okay, so I'll be headed to Washington and Lee next year, and I just really want to know what exactly i should have/how many recs and which pictures I should send in.

I'm from Texas and I was prepping for UT rush just in case, so now I think that I have way more than is needed. I talked to a person in charge there and she told me that she could always tell the Texas girls from the size of their envelopes...but she didn't tell me what I specifically needed. I'll probably call her later this week, but here's what I have:

Portraits: full length, 3/4 length, headshot, and wallet size professional pictures
Social resume completed
transcripts and SAT/ACT scores on hand
at least three people who will write a good letter of rec for each sorority

any advice? Thanks!
As a W&L alum, my 2c. I went in knowing NOTHING, no recs, nothing. I ended up where I belonged. I'm pretty sure my chapter is one that "finds" recs for people. However, I don't know about other chapters.

I would say that recs are not imperitive but help. My chapter and at least two others do not require them, but we did accept them and look at them.

FWIW I heard a girl from one chapter say "God, we hate recs because it makes more work for us." I don't honestly know how much of this is hyperbole.

ETA -- Also, on closer reading of your post, it's generally way more than you need. Because of Winter Term rush, the girls will know you and your REAL resume (the W&L one) and probably won't even look at your high school resume. Who cares what you did in high school if everyone already knows you as "that girl"? Best Advice: Go out, be seen, be friendly. Join clubs. Go on EVERY rushdate you're offered no matter what you think of the sorority as a whole (the girls who take you may change your mind). DO NOT BE THAT GIRL. Keep yourself under control when you go out.

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