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Originally Posted by DrPhil View Post

For the record, OPs can get a fuck off even when they aren't being rude or hateful. Just observe.

And lay off with the Ebay postings.
Hey now...I posted that Ebay thing because it happened to show up when I was trying to find some Phi Mu stuff. I was just trying to be helpful because I figured the Omegas would like that stuff they were selling...

I still think we could be a little bit nicer to some of the people who come on here looking for advice (provided they don't act like complete morons who put down GLOs) so, I would have to understand why people were telling the person to go somewhere else-that's all. I'll keep my ideas to myself, if they seemed the least bit disrespectful.

Just my opinion but, I think that sometimes we could be a little nicer to eachother on this site too. That's just my $.02 and maybe means little to some people. I'm not pointing fingers or calling anyone out, I'm just saying that even people were being mean to one another in this thread. That's all.
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