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Originally Posted by DrPhil View Post
Try to follow the lead of the NPHCers. If we're telling the OP to fuck off, don't tell the person good luck.
I just try to be positive. I really do wish people good luck in their search for a "home" regarding Greek life. I will listen to what you said, though. If they are acting rude or hateful towards the members of the NPHC, I won't tell them good luck.

I just wish people would use this as a "supplemental" source and not the end-all-be-all because they assume that for every mean comment they get from GCers, that is an indication of how all Greeks will treat them. In fact, I have already told people that if they are going to act like that, I hope they don't join my sorority but, that doesn't mean that all of my sisters or sisters from other GLOs will feel the same. Don't base your entire opinion of what a certain GLO is all about by the posts of a few people. That is just dumb.
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