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After reading through this thread (and the QFP thread) I hope this doesn't apply to something I typed. If so, I would really want to know because I don't want to be giving out incorrect recruitment advice.

I've tried to wish people in the NPHC threads good luck and I've said that they should speak to other NPHC members and I've tried not to dispense too much advice about anything regarding a school that I don't really know much about. If I have done this, I hope Carnation lets me know. I'd hate to think that I am hurting someone's recruitment experience.

The girls who come on here and act like they are too good for "certain" chapters going through recruitment-they, on the other hand, don't matter too much to me. I could care less how they do. If you're only going through rush/ recruitment to be able to party with the best fraternities or be at the best socials and you could not really care about sisterhood-then you don't deserve to join, anyway.
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