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Originally Posted by FSUZeta View Post
i'll give you an example. in the "ready2011" thread, the op asks the general question,"if her religion will impact her ability to join or her membership experience." she is a 7th day adventist and keeps the sabbath, which for them is sundown friday to sundown saturday. i pointed out that many times initiation ceremonies are held either friday nights or saturdays. when she mentioned that she was interested in join a NPHC group, i asked her to disregard my statement, as it pertained to NPC. I have no experience in NPHC matters, and had she specified from the get-go that she was looking into NPHC organizations, i would not have responded to the thread.
That doesn't matter. We don't like giving advice to any aspirants because the informal stuff often varies by chapter so people need to get off the damn message boards and research and interact with others. And the formal stuff is NOT meant to be discussed on a message board. Either way, any NPHC aspirant who holds their breath for a GC response and takes it that seriously is a complete idiot who will probably never become a member.

As I always say, I come here to be entertained and not informed. I may choose to give an aspirant a serious helpful response one day and tell them something completely off-base just for shits and giggles the next day. The smart aspirants won't take ANY of it seriously.
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