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Originally Posted by AnchorAlumna View Post
I have seen incorrect or off-the-mark info handed out on many threads by many people. Not just 1 thread and not by just 1 or 2 or 4 posters.
Well, did you call them out, or did you just sit there and say "tch, tch, tch" and let the PNM have the wrong advice? If you did the latter, you're just as guilty.

Originally Posted by tld221 View Post
(especially when we don't even ask "have you checked with your campus/greek family members/older siblings?").
There have been some family members of rushees on here who straight up admitted they didn't know jack because 1) they rushed the year everyone was wearing "Nixon Now" buttons 2) they went to Teeny Noncompetitive School and little sister/brother is going to Big Scary School. Not to mention the helicopters. So sometimes the family isn't the best place to go.
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