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Originally Posted by FSUZeta View Post
i'll give you an example. in the "ready2011" thread, the op asks the general question,"if her religion will impact her ability to join or her membership experience." she is a 7th day adventist and keeps the sabbath, which for them is sundown friday to sundown saturday. i pointed out that many times initiation ceremonies are held either friday nights or saturdays. when she mentioned that she was interested in join a NPHC group, i asked her to disregard my statement, as it pertained to NPC. I have no experience in NPHC matters, and had she specified from the get-go that she was looking into NPHC organizations, i would not have responded to the thread.
And even that is a chapter-to chapter thing. My chapter always does Initiation on Sunday mornings/afternoons and I know some other chapters at UMD initiate on weeknights.
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