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Originally Posted by tld221 View Post
Seriously. It wouldn't hurt for some of you to not jump all over Patty PNM everytime she posts a "OMGZ i'm planning to rush as State U, what should i wear, who should i pledge, what should i doooooooooo i'm a freshnaannnnnnn" thread.

Refer to the siggy. We tell PNMs/aspirants to not put all their eggs in one basket, yet we do the most in trying to give the most advice to just any ol' body. No, it doesn't make us bitches for simply replying "refer to your campus' website or your school's recruitment office for more information" every once in a while, especially when its CLEAR the OP hasnt done their part (especially when we don't even ask "have you checked with your campus/greek family members/older siblings?").
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