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Originally Posted by ThetaDancer View Post
I would have agreed, except for the way the OP was worded. The OP had a passive-agressive accusatory tone that I think detracts from the legitimacy of what she was trying to say. It'd be one thing if it were like "hey, don't give bad advice," but instead it's like "some of you (who won't be identified) mess up dreams by giving (unidentified) wretched advice." It also used the "a lot of (unidentified) people back me up!" rationale that drives me nuts on GC.

And it was self-nominated for a sticky, too??? FTW. This is a gem.
Did any of you noticed that the OP is a MODERATOR? And a revered one, too, having been around longer than most of you - longer on GC, and longer on earth.

As a moderator, she's seeing and hearing stuff we don't know about. If Carnation thinks a sticky is necessary, it's OK by me.

I have seen incorrect or off-the-mark info handed out on many threads by many people. Not just 1 thread and not by just 1 or 2 or 4 posters. All she's saying is "think before you post." Good advice for anybody, anywhere, of any age.

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