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I can see (and possibly think of an example) where this would be a problem.

I think it's one thing to say "I don't go there, but anyone will tell you to get recs at Bama," and then provide the link (in this case, to the "you need recs here," sticky or other post where someone from that schoo answered or alluded to the question. Or to specify that you have been through rush there as a PNM, and the girls were wearing such and such on skit day, but that you don't know about the other side of the process yet.

It's another to.... editorialize, and use your friend's aunt's rush at a neighboring school 25 years ago as rationale.

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I mean, that's pretty much golden. I think the key is to not overestimate your own knowledge.

If you genuinely are familiar with a school, I say go for it. If you are only vaguely familiar, it may be more appropriate to PM the person asking questions and suggest contacts and sources. Otherwise, inaccurate advice is just there, in all posterity, for any future PNM searching their schools info.
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