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Originally Posted by carnation View Post
I'm not naming names or giving examples; hopefully, the people who are doing this will recognize themselves. Please stay in your own lane!
They won't, so please do. Not via PM, on the board. I'd certainly like to know if I tanked someone's rush (her personality, appearance, activities and ability to double check advice on her own not being a factor at all of course).

I would never say "guys shouldn't answer rush questions" as I just saw Gusteau give GREAT rush advice about his alma mater today. I'm sure he knows more about GMU rush than a girl who's from another school in the same athletic conference, or same state, etc etc.

Sorry, but I'm going to keep saying "if you go through rush at Bama, you need recs." If you want to delete that post, knock yourself out, but I don't know what it proves.
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