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From where we stand now, we can look back and say, "Yeah, it would be stupid to listen only to people on a message board." That's part of my point! We were all 18 years old once and had the Internet been around like it is now, we might have fervently believed that these Greek women had all the answers. We do have a lot of answers and we can pretty much all answer general stuff!

However, school-specific things... if someone asked for advice on Ivy League recruitment, I'd defer to a woman from that area and allow her to answer because I can only answer SEC questions. But-- some GCers are giving wrong advice on schools they've only seen on a website, if even there! Advice that if followed, would pretty much tank a girl's rush.

I'm not naming names or giving examples; hopefully, the people who are doing this will recognize themselves. Please stay in your own lane!
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