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Exclamation Giving Incorrect Recruitment Advice

Okay folks, I've been hearing a lot from several ticked-off GCers about this and I really need to say something about it. There are some GCers who are giving incorrect recruitment advice to the point that it could harm someone's recruitment if they followed it.

Please do not give advice about a system or school you know nothing about. This includes swearing up and down that you do or don't need recs at a school you know nothing about, advising someone about informal rush, or telling someone what to wear when you actually have no clue about it except for what you've read here. In other words: if your "expertise" only comes from GC, please let women from that school or system advise the PNMs. Recently, a PNM was given extremely incorrect advice and she almost went along with it. I don't blame her for being angry.

There are some women out there who are the first from their family or crowd to try to go Greek and they come here for advice, having no other outlet. Don't mess up their dreams!
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