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Thanks for the reply - others have suggested that the thread should be closed. If I misunderstood your support to close the thread, then yes it went over my head.
Originally Posted by Righteous_Kamal View Post

Ok it seems that I might have misled some with my statement. When I said the thread was officially "closed" I merely meant that Stokely "Shut it down", "Ended the discussion", "Wrapped up the debate", etc. Lol. Unfortunately, some of you took that to mean something else. I'm well aware that a thread isn't closed (or for semantics LOCKED) until a mod does so. And furthermore, I don't see how I could have "resurrected" it since the post most previous to mine was only a couple weeks old. At any rate, I wasn't trying to offend anyone with my comment. It was merely an expression that's been used on numerous messageboards. Sorry if it went over some people's heads. And I leave as I came....IMHOTEP.
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